Microaffections 💕

"Microaggressions" are small acts meant to make a person feel unwelcome and uncomfortable. I have named small acts meant to make a person feel wanted and loved "microaffections"

◼ Remembering a detail a person told you about themselves.
◼ Making a passing remark about their attractiveness being a given
◼ Attributing compliments to them directly; i.e. "those pants look great" vs. "You look great in dark jeans" Or "that's funny" vs. "you're hilarious!"
◼ Thanking them for small things
◼ Making little digs at things they dislike/giving little compliments to things they like*
◼ Asking clarifying questions when they tell you a story
◼ Sending them a random, positive text**
◼ Asking them for specific opinions i.e. "we can go where ever you want" vs. "You wanna go to [location]?"***

*Do not change your own tastes and preferences to match theirs! This comes off as desperate and shows a lack of confidence in your own beliefs. You should respect and accept their tastes, while keeping your own.
** Not corny/obvious shit like "thinking of you" or "just wanted to say I love you!"- too gimmicky.
*** Limiting huge lists reduces anxiety. You also likely have a preference. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion. Leaving everything up to your partner and/or going along with whatever they say comes off as pathetic, or even apathetic.