On Charisma 😎

"subjects with speedy answers to general-knowledge questions were considered quick-witted, funny, and charismatic. In fact, mental speed was a stronger contributor to charisma than IQ or personality." Success was attributed to intangible factors (“keen insight and vision”) rather than effort (“loyalty and long hours”)

“charismatic leadership tactics,” such as:
point using metaphors and gestures
point storytelling
point expressing moral conviction
point setting high goals. [source]

Is it presumed that charisma is inauthentic? How honest am I being with others when I tell them what I know they want to hear? I am a very good judge of character. I can gauge what kind of person someone is pretty fast. I know what people's motives are when they say what they say. Everyone has motives; I'm just self aware. Sometimes I don't know when I'm lying. I honestly want to be who I'm supposed to be to get through life. I don't mean to lie. I don't want to be Bad.

I don't consider myself to be manipulative. I engage others in goal-oriented communication. If I have a strong belief, I want you to share it. I want people to want what I want. Doesn't everyone do that? I don't want to hurt people. I get no joy out of causing suffering.