Advice from Davey 🗒

point Don't say anything about someone that you wouldn't say in front of them.
point Accept people for who they are or don't fuck with them.*
point A lot of things aren't really worth getting mad about; some people have real problems.
point You are your only true advocate; everyone else has mixed loyalties.
point Assume anyone who expresses hateful views on the internet is a troll (and therefore should not be fed)**
point God isn't worth arguing about.
point You can do pretty much whatever you want as long as it doesn't violate the rights of others.
point Breeding is unethical because it creates suffering by definition.
point Your opinion of someone has just as much value as their opinion of you.
point Sex has only as much meaning as you give it.

* you can't change anybody. Assume a person will not change, unless you see it.

** you really can't argue with the right anyway. They have no concept of hypocrisy. Their only consistent views are bigotry.