On Substance Use Disorder ✘

substance use disorder aka "alcoholism" is made up of:
◽ physical dependence
◽ behavioral addiction
◽ psychological obsession

addressed by:
◽ campral ➡ naltrexone
◽ lifestyle changes
◽ thought work/therapy/insight

The stages of addiction are: 1. Initiation
2. Accepted Excess
3. Behavioural Dependence
4. Physical Dependence
5. Death

1. Initiation

In addiction The First Time (or the first few times) take on a mythical quality. You remember everything; the enviroment, the people you were with, the way everything tasted and smelled.

Criminal Legal System Responses

The criminal legal system of the United States arrests people for poisoning themselves. Some of this is done because of the same false beliefs about life ownership that inform our mental health policies.

AA and the Doctrine of Powerlessness

Alcoholoics Anonymous is a program by and for narsisistic cishetero white men in the 1940s. It has its defenders, and has undoubtedly worked for some, primarily the people it was designed to help. You can find endless support for this belief system online and at your local for-profit rehab.