Enhancement Procedures 🔪

My body is disgusting and broken.

People who have never seen it love to tell me that my perceptions of it are wrong.


◾ Large textured silicone breast implants/lift
◾ Full tummy tuck
◾ Abdominal etching
◾ Laser hair removal on pubic hair/armpits/legs
◾ Teeth whitening


◾ Around elbows: blackwork
◾ Ear cartilage: earrings
◾ Over fallopian tubes: black “X”es
◾ Ring finger: wedding ring (if married obv)
◾ Flank: “UPGRADED”/”100% real expensive”/”DNR”/full battery bar
◾ Thigh: lightning rod with “stay grounded”, skin rip with circuit board, "no will but mine"
◾ Calf: “CTL” in CTR badge, OSI model
◾ Back: last name
◾ Ass: male lip print


◾ Additional ear piercing(s)
◾ 3 Eyebrow bars