blood barblood bar

I joined Myspace at the behest of "friends", with no pictures of myself. Everyone popular on Myspace sounded the same. I didn't think that they were very funny. The music on pages was nice, I liked to go to different profiles and find new songs. sparkly doll They all had amazing hair that was 2 colors and big on top and flowwed down the sides. There was one of the back of my big ugly hair where I'm standing in front of the shed in the backyard. People on Myspace could probably tell that I must be ugly because of my hair. Oh well; boys wouldn't bother me.

I was given a pink iPod nano with my name engraved on it for my birthday. Everyone had one of those things; though the really cool ones were the big ones. pink ipod nano

some notebooks spread out on my carpet


I was disgusting.

ugly young Davie

I did get a boyfriend, though. A weird kid who loved reptiles and bred bearded dragons for fun and profit. He was very sweet and good to me, and I was good to him. We were weird together. He had mental illness issues like I did. Todd was bipolar and had We got matching rings, even though that was very Silly. His had a skull and mine was an Irish claddagh. I had my first sexual experiences with him, and it was all very positive. We were comfortable with eachother and we were always safe. I wish everyone had that sort of thing. Claddagh ring my boyfriend bought me