I wore a lot of stretchy headbands. My hair was long and wild. I loved flare leg jeans and I wore a cool jean jacket every day. Denim really peaked as an art form in 2005. a girl's jean jacket with apliques


The Kyocera Switchback or Strobe phone I got my second ever cell phone; the Kyocera Switchback. It was pretty exciting because it was my first, and unfortunatly only, phone with a full keyboard. More phones should have those. It was a cheap knock-off of the popular T-Mobile Sidekick. I didn't care that I didn't have that one, though. I picked out a shiny green case for it. It had a shitty little web browser and a thing where you could buy ringtones for it. I never got the ringtones, but I My "best friend" stole it after a few months, but I got it back. This was all before phones had locks on them.

I had a blackout shade, posters of Daniel Radcliffe, flocked bobblehead cats from the flea market, and a silky purple comforter on my daybed. I also an old TV with a built-in VCR.my bedroom in 2006